Monday, July 9, 2012

Teaoga Development LLC Plans Underway

(WAVERLY, NY) The Susquehanna River Archaeological Center (SRAC) is in the planning stages for a new research room thanks to Teaoga Development LLC, a new corporation in Waverly, NY.  Teaoga Development LLC is owned and operated by SRAC’s cofounder and executive director, Deb Twigg and partner, Susan Fogel.  Teaoga Development LLC recently purchased the former Waverly Village Hall, and has already launched a website and blog to help the community stay updated with the building renovation progress and other plans underway. 

According to the website, the goals of the organization are to “enrich our communities by offering smarter business choices with reasonably priced storefronts and leased properties in the historic old Waverly Village Hall and assistance in developing better marketing practices."
One of the immediate plans is to update an area of the first floor to facilitate SRAC’s huge rare book and map collections. The room also has a large walk in, fire-proof safe that will soon house historical records and other invaluable pieces from the SRAC collections.
Another area of the building will be the home of another piece of Teaoga Development LLC that is a full service, integrated marketing division staffed by professionals that together have over 35 years of experience in the marketing and public relations fields.  Twigg adds, “It was important that Teaoga Development include a marketing piece. Economic development includes marketing – which when done correctly will help our local businesses thrive.  Sadly, many businesses cannot afford a marketing department and instead just do whatever they can to get their word out without any real plan.  We offer a free 1 hour consultation and we will help you make a better plan to be more successful.  Furthermore, we can help you design, create and implement anything that you decide that fits your needs and budget.” 

Other plans for the building are underway and Twigg refers interested parties to visit for more information concerning marketing and property rental opportunities.