Thursday, July 12, 2012

Letter of Support in the Daily Review: Teaoga Development

Encouraging community development in Waverly
Published: July 11, 2012
The Daily Review

Deb Twigg understands what community is all about.

She believes we're surrounded by great people who want to do good things. And that Waverly, N.Y. Is just the place for those good things to happen.

She, along with Susan Fogel, owns Teoga Development, LLC - a new corporation that just purchased the former Village Hall on Broad Street in Waverly. The corporation is looking to move into the site, hoping to make the building a hub for growth and development. They plan to lease sections of the building to those looking to bring their business to Waverly's downtown.

As The Review reported earlier this week, Ms. Twigg explained she was inspired to begin the corporation through her work with the Susquehanna River Archaeological Center, located almost directly across the street from the village hall. She volunteers her time there as the center's executive director, a position she says she will continue to hold.

At this point, Ms. Twigg is planning on bringing the building up to code and renovating the main and second floors for potential tenants. She, along with two others on Teaoga Development's marketing team, will also get started with marketing.

Ms. Twigg is most interested in bringing community-oriented businesses into the hall, adding that those organizations will receive a discount.

"I want to bring good things to Waverly," she said. To her credit, she is off to a good start.